We often hear from candidates that they’re looking for something new because they don’t feel appreciated, or they feel like their hard work goes unnoticed. You won’t hear that from Connor Group associates because Reward and Recognition is such a strong part of our culture. It lets our associates know that they matter. Watch the video and read below to learn more about how Reward and Recognition keeps our people striving to be the best. After all, people are our #1 key to success.


Wish Lists

Creating a Wish List is at the top of every new associate's onboarding plan. That’s right, one of our Day 1 tasks is to go shopping. List up to 10 items that you want (but may not need or buy for yourself) and when you do something exceptional, you might just get rewarded with something from your list! Associates have been rewarded with designer handbags, NFL tickets, and all-inclusive Walt Disney World and Ireland vacations!


Our Sale-ebrations are the ultimate high at The Connor Group. If you’re part of a team that successfully sells a high-performing property we’ll fly you in on the company’s private jet and you’ll get to walk down the red carpet with the entire Central Support Office cheering you on (noise makers included). You’ll also receive a large bonus check and an award.  The evening is topped off with a limo ride and an amazing dinner party at a five-star restaurant.


Awards Breakfasts

Step aside Hollywood. Twice a year, each region in the organization gathers over breakfast to reward and recognize top-performers and high-achievers. Promotions, longevity bonuses, and top performing properties are just a few of the awards given at these events. There are so many awards given out that we like to say “Let the Glass Fly!”


Our unique Partner Program rewards associates that go the extra mile. They are our elite performers who live our core values day in and day out. Associates at every level in the company, from grounds keepers to regional sales managers, have the opportunity to become a partner and earn equity in the company. Depending on your ownership stake, Partners can make as much from their partnership each year as they do from their salary. Be sure to ask your recruiter about our Partner Program